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щенки лабрадора ретривера Stella Amore
щенки лабрадора ретривера Stella Amore

Kids with a strong and powerful backbone, bulk pedigree head with well filled muzzle. Have a great volume of the chest, the right rock wool. Playful, fun kids! Wonderful boy and two lovely girls!

Very nice kids expect their parents. Perhaps they are waiting just for you?

Stella Amore ERICKSON

Stella Amore ELIZABETH

Stella Amore ENIGMA

Stella Amore ERICKSON

Stella Amore ELIZABETH

Stella Amore ENIGMA

Stella Amore ERICKSON - boy, blue ribbon

Stella Amore ELIZABETH - a girl, yellow ribbon

Stella Amore ENIGMA - a girl, purple ribbon


Look, maybe one of these little ones waiting for you?

10.08.2016 in our kennel were born puppies from a beautiful pair of true representatives of the breed Labrador Retriever !!!!

Papa George puppies - GEORGE Sarracenia - handsome young male, who lives in the Polish Kennel Labradors SARRACENIA

The son of a prominent American champion, multiple winner and medalist of the largest exhibitions in America and Europe, the winner of the largest specialized exhibitions in America Potomac-2016 - Time Square Ulysses.

George - Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland, Candidate for International Champions (. CACIB & res CACIB), free of hip dysplasia and elbow joints (HD-A, ED-0/1), free from progressive retinal atrophy and collapse caused by loads (prcd PRA, EIC), polnozuby.

Dad - George

Mom - Alex

Mom Kids - Our beautiful, has a great conformation data and wonderful working qualities - Alex, Stella Amore Brigida Nikoletta.

In the piggy bank advances Alexa: International Champion (CACIB & 4 * 4 * res.CACIB), Super Grand Champion of Belarus, Grand Champion of Belarus, Champion of Breed, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Russia, Champion of Lithuania, Champion of Latvia, Champion of Estonia, Champion of Baltic countries, Junior Grand Champion of Belarus, Young Champion of Breed, Junior Champion of Belarus, Young Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Lithuania, Junior Champion of Latvia. International Working Certificate to find and feed the birds bat five working diplomas to find and feed bat game of III degree. Alex is free of hip dysplasia and elbow joints (HD-A, ED-0), free of progressive atrophy of the retina (prcd PRA - N / N), from the collapse caused by the loads (EIC - N / N), from nasal keratosis retrievers (HNPK - N / N), polnozubaya. It has a superb temperament, characteristic of the breed, the typical high-quality wool, strong bones. We are proud of the fact that Alex won the large and numerous in the number of attending dog shows. We are proud that all significant victories were under well-known worldwide and respected experts, (Ireland, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy), including breeder (Mr. Chris Hancock - kennel Labradors Hancourt, Ireland Fryckstrand Henric -. Golden Nursery Retriever «Dewmist» Sweden) who appreciated her breed type and gave his appreciation !!! No less important for us to have working qualities Alexa !!! The Labrador should not be just the sitting dog, he must fulfill his destiny podruzhennoy dog! With Alex, we are constantly engaged, "sharpen" its working skills. We try to take part in all our workers in the Republic of tests and competitions!

When choosing a pair of Alex and opt for George, we have relied on the typicality of both parents. Alex has inherited from his father a Scottish dog ENELEON WANDERING STAR best of his qualities, inherited his strong, fixed type !! Alex"s father is a very strong maternal line, all the children and grandchildren Eneleon Wandering Star recognizable and typical !! They have strong bones, beautiful pedigree head, correct weather coat and strong bones gorgeous !!!! George Type - very close to Alexa type. By this we hope born of this combination the kids will inherit the best qualities of their parents and to fix them.

Our kids will be ready to move to their new families starting from the second half of December, but ideally, given the upcoming Christmas holidays, we would like to send our kids after the holidays !!!

We are waiting for the most responsible and loving breed of people !!! People who are in a responsible approach to the choice of puppy. Not just a dog, but a full-fledged member of their family for the next 10-15 years!

Welcome to the website of kennel dogs breed labrador retriever Stella Amore

In our nursery, we have been breeding dogs breed labrador retrievers black and fawn.

If your decision to purchase a puppy, deliberate, we will be happy to offer our kids, help in choosing a puppy for long-term for the show, hunting or just a pet!

Our-producing are titled and tested on the dog"s health, which is confirmed by official certificates are not only the champion titles in different countries, but also are working dogs, successfully participating in various competitions and tests to find and feed game birds - thereby confirming the true purpose retriever as podruzhennoy dog ??!!

We are always glad to see the potential owners of our puppies our guest, talk to them and tell them about the breed, show our dogs and their conditions of detention.

The kids in our nursery are not often - a maximum of 1, maybe 2 litters per year. In fact, we are just waiting for responsible owners who understand that a puppy - not a toy, but a full-fledged member of the family who will live with you for a long time. It will grow from cute, teddy lump turn into an adult, not a miniature dog! As with any child puppy necessary attention and care as a child, he can shkodnichat and in the process of growing up and of knowing the world, to bring "damage" your master"s property :-) By the education of the puppy must be paid to not have enough time and not enough patience. After all, we do not just learn to walk and talk with you.

If you are ready to appear in your family a new member, another "baby", if you weigh the "pros" and "cons", and decided that you want a baby, we will be happy to offer you our puppies !!! We are always in touch with all owners of our puppies and ready to answer any of your questions on the cultivation and education of the child, supporting training for dog handlers or to prepare your child to be shown at the exhibition, as well as help in acquiring feed from nursery discount.

About kennel dogs breed labrador retriever Stella Amore

Dear friends, welcome you to the pages of the kennel site STELLA AMORE

Our nursery was officially registered in FCI and the BKO (Belarus Kennel Association) in April of 2013. However, Labradors were in our house much earlier. In autumn 2009 there was a fawn girl Greta in our family.

Greta - our first Labrador, which appeared spontaneous desire to get a dog for a child. So there were circumstances that my child was very frightened young neighbor"s Doberman, ran to our site. Then I decided, as they say, like cures knock. I decided that in order for the child ceased to be afraid of dogs, he needs to grow with the dog.

The first thing that gave the search engine on request "to buy a puppy" - were puppies labrador retriever. On the computer monitor looked at me cute plush lumps, with a dedicated and intelligent expression. The decision was clear: we need a labrador puppy !!!!! At that time I had no idea either about the breed standard, any of the shows, I"ve never seen a live Labrador ... .I just called on the ad, made an appointment and went for his puppy. That"s Greta and appeared in our family.

Little Greta was very active. If I was not involved and did not play with Greta, she herself found the studies. She gnawed walls, door jambs it for their growing up, "ate" a few pairs of shoes. Greta was curious and loved to explore the world outside the perimeter of the site .. It has learned to open the door by pressing on the door handle, and go beyond the yard. Several times she lost .. Greta While growing up, I thought that never in his life did not get yourself a dog :-) But as they say never say never !!!!!

With the advent of in our family Greta, I became interested in the breed, to study the breed standard. I learned that Labradors come in three colors: yellow, black and brown. I hit on the idea to have around Labrador all three colors. And then I sat down to look for another dog. I really wanted a black labrador girl. Plans for the acquisition of a second dog were built in the spring, and on the calendar was autumn 2011. Considering another advertisement for the sale of Labrador kids in one of the Belarusian nurseries, I opened the picture black girls .... Her eyes captured my heart ...

I went to the city of Mogilev, to see this girl. So in November 2011, in our house there was a second dog. Black labrador retriever girl Paloma Pikasso Skarb Serca, home just Betty.

With Betty, I plunged into the world of exhibitions, this new party dog"s life I tightened. We have achieved a lot with Betty. In the piggy bank advances Betty league titles in different countries, it has an international diploma work to find and feed game birds. With the advent of in our house, Betty, I went to study in canine training, successfully completed them have certificates: Breeder breeding expert and trainee breed labrador retriever. During the courses, I decided that the right to register their prefix nurseries. So kennel prefix STELLA AMORE was registered in April 2013. By which I began breeding work with breed labrador retriever. In our kennel at the time of this writing, 3 dogs live. Three girls. Senior 7-year-old Greta, which is a pet, our first and favorite dog, which started my passion for the breed Labrador Retriever. Black Girl Betty - Paloma Pikasso Skarb Serca - founder of our kennel and her daughter Alya-Alex - Stella Amore Brigida Nikoletta. Alex - a black diamond of my kennel !!!

Alex - a girl, with whom we have achieved stunning results! Alex today the first and only black female labrador Belarusian breeding, all the conditions for awarding the title of Dual International Champion !!! (C.I.B & C.I.E) Alya has 5 degrees serving game birds, she loves to "work" Filing and search for her on top! We intend to continue with it to develop in this direction.

Puppies in our kennel is not often. In the year we can have 1-2 litters. We carefully select the candidate for the role of the father of our future children. Great value, I have given the temperament of Labrador. Dad of our future puppies to be good-natured temperament, not a single gram showing aggressive behavior !!! Are of great importance and genetic tests for the absence of certain diseases and official pictures for hip dysplasia and elbow joints. Our girls have all the necessary tests and genetic tests and are healthy dogs !!!!

Toddlers do not we give to new home earlier than 2 months! At the age of 1.5 months, puppies are mandatory aktirovku expert, as a note in the puppy card, indicating the absence or existence of any flaws.

New owners kids are given a set of documents: puppy card (she later exchanged for pedigree), a veterinary passport stamped on vaccination in accordance with the age of the puppy, as well as with the mark of deworming.

In our kennel there are no unplanned and accidental litters !!! We do not have puppies without papers !!! We do not take other people"s dogs at a breeder - do not give the kennel prefix in pedigree pups born not in our kennel and dogs from our breeding are not. We do not sell puppies "gross" !!!!

We are always happy to further communication with all owners of our puppies! And we try to keep in touch with anyone who is not against it and is ready to communicate with the breeder! We are always happy to support the Council, to provide advice on proper growing puppy, consult an experienced dog handlers for training your kid prepare and show your kid at the show, if you have a desire to do the show career of your pet, help reveal the working qualities of the child, as well also help in the purchase of feed from the kennel discounts.

We are always glad to communicate not only with the owners of our puppies, but also willing to talk and tell potential owners of Labrador breed and its characteristics, to weigh the "pros" and "cons" you made the right decision :-)

Phone: +375 (29) 843-43-15

Olesya Saevets

Breeder and head of the nursery

Belarus, Minsk district, AG speck

Phone: +375 (29) 843-43-15

Email: olesya-saevec@bk.ru